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Masters programs descriptions:

We offer land training, corporate rowing events, group rowing classes, and private lessons by appointment.  Our course schedule is posted at RegattaCentral under our Programs & Classes. Please email info@whiterockrowing.org with any questions, or if you would like to schedule a private lesson. 

Our programs develop rowers at all levels, from beginners (novices) to competitive masters for anyone 18 and older. Rowing requires a certain level of physical fitness, coordination, and time investment to be a satisfying endeavor, but mastering it can be very rewarding. 

Rowing refers to sweep rowing where each person has one oar, held by both hands, and sculling where each rower has two oars, one in each hand. Sweeping is done in eights (8+), fours (4+), and pairs (2+). Sculling is done in quads (4x), doubles (2x), and singles (1x). Our course descriptions may use "rowing" to refer to both sweeping and sculling unless specified. Eights and fours require the use of a coxswain (cox) to direct the boat.            

Course descriptions 

Intro to Rowing – This course is intended for first timers, and is open to non-members. Students will tour the boathouse and learn how to properly carry and rig the boat, basic stroke mechanics, terminology, and boat parts. You will spend time on the rowing machines (ergs), learning the basic stroke mechanics. You must know how to swim to take lessons; and, please wear weather-appropriate fitness attire.

Beginner Rowing – This course is open to anyone. Students will build on what was learned in the intro course.

Recreational Rowing – This class is intended for new participants who have completed the intro and beginner courses and experienced rowers who may be new to rowing in team boats (quads, fours, and eights). Students will build on what was learned in the intro and beginner courses with an emphasis on stroke mechanics, blade control, rowing together, and ability to row in any seat. One recreational course per year is included in annual dues.

Advanced Recreational Rowing – This course is intended for rowers who have at least completed a recreational course or have previous team rowing experience. Students are expected to be familiar with the intermediate skills, especially proper boat handling, stroke, and blade technique, and should be able to maintain high rating and output. While technique concepts are always reinforced, the course emphasis is on a coached workout and efficient rowing.

Race Preparation – This course is intended for adults who are preparing for masters races. Athletes are expected to be familiar with the intermediate level skills and are planning on racing. The course emphasis is on practicing race lineups and maximizing boat speed.


Rowing looks beautiful/awesome/fun!

  • It is!  We have a great facility, equipment, and coaching staff. Please email info@whiterockrowing.org to schedule a tour of the boathouse or to observe a practice.

I have never rowed before; how do I get started?

  • Sign up for an intro course or schedule a private lesson via RegattaCentral.com's White Rock Boathouse, Inc. Registration for Programs & Classes. Group courses are the easiest way to begin, and an intro course will teach you the basics and help you decide whether you would like to continue. Private lessons are best for beginners who are not able to attend the scheduled group courses or rowers who have some experience and prefer one-on-one coaching. The number of sessions can vary, but beginners usually need at least four private lessons before they are comfortable rowing alone in a single (1x).

Why are classes so early?

  • Calm water makes for optimal rowing conditions. Wind and waves can make rowing more difficult, especially for beginners. Mornings are usually the least windy time of day (often the earlier, the better).   

How do I sign up and get involved at the boathouse?

  • Purchase a membership via RegattaCentral.com's White Rock Boathouse registration for Memberships. New members (including experienced rowers) must email  info@whiterockrowing.org to schedule an orientation.  

I enjoy rowing a single, but I want to meet new people and row in a team boat.

  • Take a group course (register via RegattaCentral.com's White Rock Boathouse, Inc. Registration for Programs & Classes) or contact fellow members to row with.  Courses are a great way to row with new people, and members regularly row on their own in quads (4x) and doubles (2x).

I am having fun; now I want to race!

  • It is expected that you have completed a recreational course or have previous rowing experience and can commit to a practice schedule.  Please email info@whiteorckrowing.org for details regarding the race schedule and available seats.