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White Rock Rowing is more than rowing.  
We're the gateway to White Rock Lake.

WRR is more than just rowing and racing.  It also occupies and cares for the Dallas Municipal Boathouse, built in 1920, and for years the home of sleek, wooden Century and Chris Craft boats raced on Sundays up until the 1940s.  After sitting empty for decades, WRR became custodian of-of the Boathouse (renamed the Boomerang due to its unusual shape) in 2003 for its original home.  By 2008 most of the crew shells and other WRR boats stored there had relocated to the Sam Leake Boathouse.

Since that date, the Boomerang has also been available for storage memberships for human-powered craft including racing and sport kayaks, canoes, OC-1 racers, standup paddleboards, prone paddleboards and Olympic racing canoes. The support boats and launches used by the WRR, SMU and Jesuit High School crew teams are also housed there..

For more information on the "Boomer" memberships contact Tom Ellis.