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Find the membership plan that's right for you.

Our membership year starts on March 1, with annual dues being due in full at that time. Prorated membership fees at one-half the annual rate are available for those who join after September 1. White Rock Rowing offers the membership categories listed below, while prices are posted on Regatta Central. Memberships are offered for ages 18 and above.

Please contact info@whiterockrowing.org to inquire about becoming a member at White Rock Rowing. 

Individual Adult Membership: Click on membership, scroll to Individual Adult Membership and sign up. Memberships are offered for ages 18 and above.! 

Family Memberships: First purchase an Individual Adult Membership for the primary rower, then purchase a Family Membership to cover other members of the household that are 18 years or older.

College Membership (Annual). Any full-time undergraduate or graduate college student. Click on membership, scroll to College Membership Annual and sign up!

College Membership (Summer). This membership is valid from May 1 to Sept 1. This membership is designed to give college rowers a place to train during the summer vacation period. Winter break time can also be arranged. Click on membership, scroll to College Membership Summer, and sign up! 

Paddling/SUP Membership. This includes membership in White Rock Boathouse and includes storage of private watercraft. Go to Membership Form and click on memberships, scroll to Paddling Memberships/SUP, and sign up!

Online payments are the ONLY method of payment that is accepted. Members must maintain up to date contact information (mail, phone, and email) in your Regatta Central account. Thank you for your assistance.

Please note: the storage of private shells is not included with a rowing membership.