Our programs develop rowers at all levels, from beginners

(novices) to competitive masters for anyone 18 and older. Rowing requires a certain level of physical fitness, coordination, and time investment to be a satisfying endeavor, but once mastered it can be very rewarding. 


Rowing refers to sweep rowing where each person has one oar, held by both hands, and sculling where each rower has two oars, one in each hand. Sweeping is done in eights (8+), fours (4+), and pairs (2-). Sculling is done in quads (4x), doubles (2x), and singles (1x). Our course descriptions may use "rowing" to refer to both sweeping and sculling unless specified. Eights and fours require the use of a coxswain (cox) to direct the boat.  


All levels are welcome, and not all programs require 

experience.  The coaches for our adults include a former Olympian and a former Division I coxswain.  Our coaches make it fun for beginners and competitive for the more experienced.  Check back often for program offerings during the various seasons. 

Rowing season is March through February.

Annual dues (age 21+)  $450

Additional family member (age 21+)  $250

White Rock varsity alumni $150

Due to cold weather and cold water conditions, private lessons on the water are not available at this time. 

Private boat storage is available on a first come basis and space is limited. A wait list will be implemented when necessary.

1x rack fee  $250 

For more information please contact 

White Rock Rowing 

  • Variety of recreational and racing shells

  • Ergometers

  • Weight Room

  • Restrooms / showers/ changing areas

  • 2 shared docks for launching & receiving boats


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Adult Sweep Class AM Row

We practice weekdays early in the morning so you can still get to work after your workout! Does the inside of your gym look like this?