Welcome to White Rock Rowing’s Booster Committee. We encourage all our parents to get involved and to help support the athletes that participate in this awesome sport. White Rock Rowing is supported largely by parent efforts. We hold parent meetings and socials so that parents are well informed, get to know each other in order to provide support for the team through our parent community. We hope you will get involved and become a part of the White Rock family.


Parents' Booster Committee Mission

The White Rock Rowing Parents' Booster Committee mission is to support, promote and encourage athletic participation in crew. The athletic booster club members strive to create a community among its families and to work together to raise funds for equipment replacement and maintenance.


Members and Dues

Membership in this organization shall be made available to parents of current WRR athletes, WRR alumni athletes and WRR alumni parents. Payment of dues costing $35.00 allows a family membership in the organization from September to August of each calendar year.


How to Join

  • Click through to the form

  • Click through to current events and or save the dates


How to Serve

  • Click through to an email to president.wrrbc@gmail.com

  • Click through to Officers & Standing Committees (see list below)

  • Click through to current sign up genius

How to Donate

  • Click thought to

    • Recurring Monthly Donation

      • Rigger $20

      • Oar $40

      • ERG $60

      • Boat $80

    • One-Time donation

      • Single $100

      • Double $200

      • Quad $200

      • Eight $800

    • Team Sponsor (TBD)

      • NAME $1500

      • NAME $3000

  •               NAME $5000