Adaptive Program Helps Rower Overcome Fears

Oct 14, 2021

White Rock Lake Weekly


“It’s easier to just keep going than to stop and rebuild your momentum.” That’s what Lisandre (Dre) DePaz’s rowing coach told him, and it’s what he has held on to when things got hard. And for Dre, life has been anything but easy. Dallas area resident Dre DePaz came away from a car crash that left him 71 percent burned from the feet up, largely without the use of his legs, and should have killed him. He was only 20 years old. Now, more than a decade later, Dre just completed his first ever rowing competition as an adaptive athlete with Dallas-based White Rock Rowing! After years of being afraid to try any sport following his life-altering accident, he finally gave rowing a shot. Thanks to White Rock Rowing’s exemplary adaptive program and specialized adaptive coaches who helped him overcome crushing fear and insecurity, Dre is learning once again to enjoy life to the fullest, no matter what his physical limitations are. For more information about White Rock Rowing, visit — Shaelyn Stone