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Since 2012 White Rock Rowing has been the leader in Adaptive rowing in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Mary Condon, a licensed Physical Therapist and Masters rower started the program with 8 athletes and many volunteers. Since then they have had the privilege of introducing this adaptive-friendly sport to countless men and women who may have a spinal cord injury, an amputation, multiple sclerosis or any of a wide variety of other physical challenges. 


The equipment is adapted to each rower’s needs – the sport doesn’t change.  Safety is our priority and PFDs, a coaching launch and experienced volunteers are all utilized during each outing on the water. 

White Rock Rowing encourages all rowers to progress at their own pace on the rowing machine and on the water, offering many opportunities for competition or fitness. 


Veterans also play a role in our goal to include the men and women who have served our country. Whether having sustained an injury or not, we welcome each member of the military to create a competitive group of rowers for regional and national competitions. 


Adaptive Athletes pay a yearly membership fee of:

$50 / YEAR

 Athletes meet most Saturday mornings and have an opportunity to compete at regattas. 

For more information or questions, please contact Mary Condon or Sue Ellen Chambers:


White Rock Rowing (WRR) is proud to have the only Medical and Technical adaptive classifiers in the region. A classification panel consists of a Medical Classifier (MD or Physical Therapist) and a Technical Classifier. WRR is fortunate to have both!  Mary Condon, PT, and Sue Ellen Chambers are certified classifiers – they have had the privilege of assessing the sport class for many promising competitive athletes, many of whom are working toward national and international competition.


The classification of adaptive rowers is the assignment of each athlete to a specific category that corresponds to their abilities, allowing there to be a level field in competition. 


The following are the specific adaptive/para-rowing sports classes:

LTA (Leg, Trunk, and Arms)

TA (Trunk and Arms)

AS (Arms and Shoulders)

Classification is not required to join our class.